In 2009, Living Grace was started in the home of Chris & Natalie Martin with only a hand full of people. We learned to understand the importance of valuing relationships.  In 2010, we moved from Turlock to Riverbank, CA. Now, nearly 9 years later, Living Grace continues to see God's grace given in great measure as the church continues to grow and thrive in Christ.


L.G. has experienced promotion every year and learned a lot about our region and the principalities that try to rule and reign.

  • 2009: Started as a home church & sees small growth
  • 2010: First year in a building
  • 2011: Established our official vision & values as a church.
  • 2012: Hurting people that want permanent care, not healing
  • 2013: Prophetic Culture that lacked a foundation of LOVE  
  • 2014: Influence and Authority abuse  |  1st Half Split
  • 2015: Faith Culture that lacked a foundation of LOVE  |  2nd Half Split
  • 2016: Character development to grow to the level of Gifting